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Solid state drives are devices that are made entirely from semiconductors forming an electronic circuitry. Solid state drives are usually storage devices like a computer hard disk. Initially solid state drives were made using vacuum tubes but with the onset of semiconductor technology things changed. They are now formed from silicon materials. They use nonvolatile memory chips so as to retain information. A solid-state drive is designed to be inside a computer.

For an SSD to fit into a computer, it uses a SATA interface so as to fit into to the computer ports. The design of SSDs has made them to have several advantages over traditional hard drives. Traditional hard drives used to have moving parts formed from magnetic tapes but with SSDs, their exist no moving parts. This one of the obvious merit of an SSD. Other merits include:

l Higher reliability

l Faster data access

l Less power usage

Due to SSDs lacking moving parts due to magnetic tapes, they have reduced power usage hence they have been easily integrated into portable computers like a laptop. SSDs also provide faster access to data compared to traditional hard drives. SSDs are reliable because they don’t have fragile moving parts hence they can easily be transported from one place to another without fear of loss of information.

The limiting factor to the usage of SSDs is the cost of putting them into desktops and laptops. The cost of putting one SSD into a laptop or a desktop is 3 times the cost of putting one traditional hard disk into the same desktop or laptop. The other obvious reason pertaining cost is that the higher the memory of a hard drive the more expensive it is.

The awesome feature about SSDs is that they have a higher capacity of storage. For instance, most laptops in the market currently come with an SSD of 500GB memory, this memory is quite large especially for people who are using a laptop or a desktop for basic computer usage.

For those who want to use the computer for more complex stuff like computer programming or 3D rendering, he or she will have to acquire an external SSD. The other awesome feature over traditional hard drives is that you can retrieve data from an SSD at faster speeds compared to a traditional hard drive. This process is done while consuming less energy due to no moving parts in the SSDs.

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